EXPRESS Spray N Metal Door Stackers Pair

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  • Complete handling system for painting doors.   (set of 2 for 1 door)
  • Simply spray, turn over, spray and stack.
  • It’s as easy as that!
  • Suitable for – hollow or solid wood doors and shutters.
  • Stack doors of various widths with complete stability

How to use tips

The Door Stacker system is comprised of two steel plates with handle on each.  Each plate is securely screwed into the centre of either end of a door prior to paint or stain application.  One pair of door stackers suit an average height/ weighted door.

Place door over saw horse, attach the Door Stackers, painting can begin.

Spray one side of the door then with a person at each end of the door, flip the door and spray the opposite side.  Now move the door to an out of the way location for stacking and drying.  Continue the process with each additional door.

The interlocking system of the steel plates allows for the Door Stackers to balance on top of each other while stacked.  The horizontal painting and drying process creates an application finishes with minimal runs when stacked.  Can be a space saving idea on the job site.

Additional tips

Once the paint on the doors have dried, use a sharp knife to score around the edges of the Door Stackers before removing the Door Stackers from the door.  This will ensure that the build-up between the steel plate and the door has been separated and will not risk the tearing of paint from around the edges of the door.

When painting or staining hollow core doors, it is recommended stacking the doors for drying only 8-10 doors high.  Theses door are light weigh, but be aware that warping can occur if doors are left too long in a horizontal position.

When painting or staining solid core doors, it is recommended stacking the doors only 3-4 doors high.  In addition, if doors are too heavy a quad stack can be used.  ie:  2 x Door Stackers in each end of the doors

Stack doors from largest to smallest

Always use 38mm Philips Wafer Head Screws.  Other sizes and types of screws can damage the eyelets and weaken the handle over time.

Cleaning these Door Stackers is a simple process.  Toss the Door Stackers into an empty bucket and soak them in either water or paint thinners, depending of the application type you have used.  Rinse well and air dry.

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