FrogTape Multi-Surface 48mm x 55m Green Painter's Tape

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FrogTape Multi-Surface 48mm x 55m Green Painter's Tape



    Frog Tape Multi-Surface 48mm x 55m Green Painter's Tape

    FrogTape® Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape guarantees clean and crips lines on your all your painting projects.


    How does it work?

    Frog Tape's patented technology called PaintBlock® forms a micro-barrier when in contact with the water from latex paints. This seals the edges of the tape and prevents any paint from bleeding into it. PaintBlock® has a super-absorbent polymer that instantly gels when it comes in contact with water molecules, this forms the micro-barrier and seals the edges of the frog tape. The result is a professional, straight paint line. Frog Tape was designed to work on multiple surfaces and delivers a performance you can be proud of.

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    • High Quality, premium-grade painter’s tape for almost any paint application
    • Crisp edges due to patented PaintBlock® Technology
    • Recommended to use on metal, glass, stone, unfinished wood, carped, and painted surfaces
    • 21-Day clean removal from most surfaces
    • No need for touch-ups when you get it right the first time
    • Tape comes with a plastic container to keep it clean and protected
    • Use for both exterior and interior
    • Adhesion Medium Strength