Graco 390PC Cordless + DeWalt Dustless Cordless Sander Skin Combo






A super cool addition to Graco Family, DeWalt Reliability is a key factor to be together. This 390 Graco Cordless Sprayer is the best choice for someone using a sprayer through a generator or on a remote site.
Also, if you use any Dewalt Flex tools, 54Volts - Graco 390 Cordless is your tool.
The revolutionary 54V cordless power tool series provide you with unparalleled performance and range. Imagine a workplace without bulky generators or towing power cords, where all industries can use batteries to work faster, safer, and more efficiently, the XR FLEXVOLT workplace.



Launch of the first and only high performance cordless stationary paint sprayer. Designed to provide all the performance of a corded 390 PC airless sprayer without the need for a power cord, outlet or generator. Experience the power and freedom of spraying every job faster. Test 3.17 Detailed Description The only high performance cordless paint sprayer - up to 3300 psi, with a maximum tip of 0.021 inches. Up to 3 gallons can be sprayed on a single charge, including two batteries, which can be sprayed throughout the day. Extended application capacity can be sprayed anywhere! Every job will benefit you greatly: Place it where you want instead of where the power supply is Constant spray power all day, no power fluctuations Provides perfect airless spraying, prolonging run time and tips low pressure switchgear RAC X Eliminate competition with power supply Other industries No longer waste time dealing with long extension cords Lighter weight makes it easier to move and transport Use battery power for experience a quiet workplace instead of using a noisy generator DeWalt provides power FLEXVOLT high capacity 6ah batteries - each blast up to 3 gallons of battery charge 2 batteries included rapid cooling fan charger - charge battery brushless DC motor powerful brushless DC in 60 minutes The motor can extend less battery run time Compact, lightweight design enhances portability Durable and durable piston pump Continuous use 2x longer than next leading brand Long life VMax Blue packing, Chromex rod and stainless steel cylinder hardened Use QuikAccess Intake valve clears faster ProConnect OnePart replacement system Eliminates costly downtime Replace pump in minutes - no tools, pins or parts are lost Advantage Drive Most durable transmission Hardened steel gears provide extremely quiet operation and lifetime warranty Easy-to-remove pump filter Easy to maintain and fewer clogs Unique inside-out filtering process to ensure a quality finish Adjustable pressure control Allows 03,300 psi and extends the run time of l battery operated during low pressure spraying Durable trolley and strong steel frame thick chrome steel can withstand site abuse Design allows one person to easily replace bucket Retractable handle doubles as RAC X hose storage Low Pressure (LP) SwitchTip sprayed at a lower pressure to extend battery run time, reduce overspray and have the longest service life


DeWalt - 18V XR Brushless 225mm Drywall Sander Skin 

18V Brushless Motor for extended durability, efficiency and power. 225mm High Dust Efficiency Backing Pad Combined with Mesh Paper removes more drywall dust and debris than traditional paper and backing pad. Telescopic Handle Allows user to quickly and easily make changes in length to the unit. Variable Speed units provide user with complete flexibility in all applications. Lock On Switch Allows user complete flexibility and reduced fatigue in hard to reach areas without having to keep switch depressed. 

Combo includes:

1 x Graco 390PC Cordles 25T882
1 x DeWalt - 18V XR Brushless 225mm Drywall Sander Skin (Bare Unit) DEWDCE800N-XJ


Voltage: 18V
Pad diameter: 225mm
Telescopic handle: 1.2m to 1.6m

DEWALT 3 Year Limited Warranty

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