GRACO Endurance Pump 17C488


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  • Replacement Pump
  • Eliminate downtime with the one-part repair solution.
  • Being able to quickly change a pump on the job site can be the difference between a productive day of spraying and one spent waiting on replacement parts or behind the wheel taking your sprayer to be serviced.
  • Thanks to the ProConnect™ Pump Removal System, Graco makes pump swaps fast and easy.
  • In three simple steps, you can remove the pump on Graco’s small and midsize electric sprayers.
  • No more time wasted or money lost to labour charges on pump repairs—with a spare Endurance Pump at the ready, you’ll never have a down day.


  • 17C384 - 190 Express 230V AP Stand
  • 17C388 - 390 PC, Hi-Boy, Asia/ANZ, 230V
  • 17C386 - 390 PC, Stand, Asia/ANZ, 230V
  • 17C408 - 395 PC, Ultra, Hi-Boy, 230V
  • 17C390 - 395 PC, Ultra, Stand, 230V
  • 17C395 - 490 PC Pro, Ultra Max II, Stand, 230V
  • 17C401 - 495 PC Pro, Ultra Max II, Lo-Boy, Multicord, 230V
  • 17C398 - 495 PC Pro, Ultra Max II, Stand, Multicord, 230V
  • 17C402 - 495 PC Pro, Ultra Max II, Hi-Boy, Multicord, 230V
  • 17C404 - 595 PC Pro, Ultra Max II, Lo-Boy, Multicord, 230V
  • 17C403 - 595 PC Pro, Ultra Max II, Hi-Boy, Multicord, 230V

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