Graco FinishPro GX 19 Airless Paint Sprayer (17H223) + iQuip Metal Door Stackers 10-pack (22DSM2)

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Graco FinishPro GX 19 Airless Paint Sprayer (17H223) + iQuip Metal Door Stackers 10-pack (22DSM2)


Graco FinishPro GX 19 Airless Paint Sprayer (17H223)

GRACO FinishPro GX 19 Electric Airless Sprayer 17H223

FinishPro GX 19 is the quick, portable and affordable solution for all small finishing jobs. Graco's proven piston pump and RAC X FF LP SwitchTip quickly provide a smooth finish. The ProXChange Pump provides quick replacement of the pump on the job site without any tools.



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    FF GX19 395 PC 595 PC PRO
    Warranty 1 year 3 years 3 years
    Part Numbers: 17H223 17C321 17E915
    Max. Tip Size: 1 gun 0.019" 0.023" 0.027"
    Max. flow - l/min. (gpm) 1.4 (0.38) 2.0 (0.54) 2.6 (0.68)
    Max. pressure - bar (PSI) 207 (3000) 227 (3300) 227 (3300)
    Motor rating - kW (HP) 0.65 (0.875) TEFC Brush DC 1.04 (1.4) Brushless DC
    Turbine / compressor l/min. (cfm) 2.0 (0.47) 2.7 (0.7)
    Max. air working pressure - bar (PSI) 2.4 (35) 2.4 (35)
    Weight - kg (lbs) 12.3kg 50kg 51kg
    SmartControlTM 1.0 3.0
    Air pressure guage
    EnduranceTM Pump
    Hose Rack
    Tips FFLP210 FFLP210 + LTX517 + AAM309 FFLP210 + LTX517 + AAM309
    Flat to RAC® conversion kit
    Gun filter (mesh) Easy OutTM 100 - 287033 100 - 224453 100 - 224453
    Pump filter (mesh) Easy OutTM 100 - 246382 Easy OutTM 100 - 246382
    Gun FTxTM- 288430 G40 - 262932 G40 - 262932
    Hose Easy OutTM 100 - 287033 Super-Flex Fluid + Air; Hose (15M) + Whip (2M) 24U579 Hose protector 24U577 Super-Flex Fluid + Air; Hose (15M) + Whip (2M) 24U579 Hose protector 24U577
    Tools Built-In pump removal tool



    Maximum Tip Size (in) - 0.019

    Maximum Working Pressure (psi) - 3000

    Model - FinishPro

    Series - GX 19

    Type - Airless Sprayer


    35.56 cm
    53.34 cm
    55.88 cm



    May require help to carry

    Total Weight: 21.3805 kg


    Lighter than other competitive systems
    Easy Carry Handle makes transportation easy
    The lid prevents splashes and spills while carrying
    5.7 Litre Hopper

    Ideal for spraying small projects
    Smooth inside surface cleans up fast
    Lid included for spill-proof portability
    Hopper easily attaches to sprayer without tools for easy cleaning

    ProX Power-Piston Pump featuring ProXChange
    Small deadband pressure enures the finest finish possible
    Exceptional durability and long life piston pumps
    Exclusive lifetime lubricated wiper pad for maintenance free operation
    Modular pump components for easy maintenance
    Fast and easy on-the-job pump replacement - no tools needed
    Eliminate labour costs and down time expenses

    Ftx Spray Gun Contractor

    Form fitted handle provides maximum control and comfort
    100-mesh gun filter included to minimize tip clogs and protect finish
    EasyGlide swivel provides maximum flexibility for effortless hose management

    Precision-Cut RAC X FF LP SwitchTip
    Sprays at lower pressures with less overspray and up to 2X life
    Finer atomisation and softer edges for easier overlapping with pre-orifice design
    Allows for fast application of materials
    Delivers a softer, more controlled spray fan
    Ability to quickly clear tip clogs
    Includes solvent seal for extremely hot solvents

    What's Included

    Contractor FTx Airless Spray Gun, 2 Finger Trigger

    FFLP210 Fine Finish Low Pressure RAC X FF LP SwitchTip

    RAC X Tip Guard

    BlueMax II Airless Hose - 3/16" x 7.6m  

    10 Pairs Door Stackers