GRACO In-line Heavy-Duty Texture Airless Spray Gun, 4-Finger Trigger





GRACO In-line Heavy-Duty Texture Airless Spray Gun, 4-Finger Trigger

The In-line Heavy-Duty Texture Airless Spray Gun with the Full Hand trigger is the ideal gun for spraying heavy coatings and joint compounds all day.

  • Oversized Fluid Path
    • No-filter design offers minimal restriction and maximum flow
    • Minimizes pack-out with heavy materials
    • Reduces pressure drop for superior atomisation
  • Ergonomic Design
    • Form-fitting handle design provides maximum control and comfort
    • Full Hand trigger and lightweight design allows effortless, all-day spraying
  • Patented Needle Design
    • Factory set needle needs no adjustment – ever
    • Heavy-duty design for maximum performance and long life
  • Jobsite Proven
    • Perfect for skim coat in a Level 5 finish, drywall mud, epoxies and a whole range of paints and primers
    • Contractor preferred

Technical Specifications

For Use With Electric Airless Sprayer
Gun Weight (oz) 33.79
Includes RAC 5 SwitchTip
Maximum Working Pressure (bar) 280
Maximum Working Pressure (kPa) 28000
Maximum Working Pressure (psi) 4000
Model Graco
Overall Height (cm) 14.22
Overall Height (mm) 142.24
Overall Length (cm) 28.96
Overall Length (mm) 289.56
Type Spray Gun Kit



309495L, Manual, Inline HD Texture Gun, Operation, Parts, English

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