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Graco JetRoller System complete with In-Line Valve Gun (230mm, 270mm, 460mm)

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Lightweight and portable, the JetRoller consists of a spray roller, a spray extension and a hand roller in one complete kit. The JetRoller combines rolling and spraying into one action, saving time and labor on spray/back roll projects. It fits strong existing airless sprayers and is the ideal time-saving addition to your painting arsenal.

The JetRoller combines rolling and spraying into one action, saving time and labor on spray/back roll projects. Ideal for rough or pouros surfaces, the JetRoller minimises over-spray and delivers a consistent quality finish. Uses industry standard roller covers and extensions (Roller cover not included). Comes with 20" extension.

Ideal accessory to use with virtually any STRONG airless sprayer!

 Sizes Available: 230mm, 270mm, 460mm

Saves Time & Money ' Combines rolling and spraying into one action
In-line Valve ' Eliminates dipping the roller in paint and is up to 2x faster than standard rolling
Easily Detachable Handle ' Use the spray extension or hand roller independently
Better Tip Technology ' Overspray is virtually eliminated
CleanShot' Shut-Off Valve ' Eliminates spits and drips
Flexible Design ' Uses industry standard roller covers and extensions 

 24U170 JetRoller System 230mm complete with 45˚ adapter to connect to airless spray gun

  • Lightweight, Detachable 9 in (23 cm) Roller Assembly
  • 12 in (30 cm) Roller Handle Extension
  • 20 in (51 cm) Heavy-Duty Extension
  • Includes RAC X Guard and LTX 721 SwitchTip

     24V829 JetRoller Handle Frame only 230mm

    • Graco JetRoller frame only 230mm.


     24X651 JetRoller Handle Frame only 270mm

    • Graco JetRoller frame only 270mm.


    24W130 Jet Roller Handle Frame only 460mm 

    • Graco JetRoller frame only 460mm.


    24V832 JetRoller Handle Extension 30cm

    • Graco JetRoller frame handle extension 30cm.



    Not approved for use in explosive atmospheres or hazardous locations.

    Operational Manual

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