Graco Pressure Roller Kit 230mm with In-Line Valve Gun


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Graco Pressure Roller - Power Paint Roller with In-Line Valve Gun

On smaller jobs, if conditions such as wind prevent spraying and when an airless finish quality is not required, rolling paint is the suitable alternative.

No more climbing and stopping to dip the roller in a messy paint tray. Simply pull the gun trigger when you need more paint and keep rolling. Pressure rolling is ideal when spraying is not possible. Compatible with most airless sprayers, from Graco Magnum to stronger airless sprayers.



  • Simply attach the pressure roller to your airless spray gun or Contractor In-Line Valve and roll when spraying isn't possible.
  • Unique EvenFlow design evenly distributes paint throughout the roller cover for a more consistent, even finish.
  • Lighter weight than competition when fully loaded for less fatigue and less wasted paint.
  • Allows continuous rolling without dipping into a tray - completing each job quicker.
  • No need for refills - simply trigger the gun for more paint and keep rolling!
  • Special Perforated Rollers Covers made for perfect distribution of paint.
  • Typical pressure roller application requires 300 psi (2.1 Mpa, 21 bar)


Package Includes:

  • EvenFlow 230mm Pressure Roller Assembly: 230mm perforated roller cover 13mm nap, 230mm roller frame
  • 50cm Fixed Heavy-Duty Extension
  • 45 Degree Gun Adapter attachment
  • Contractor In-Line Valve Gun

Email us for spare parts and other compatible accessories. 270mm roller frame and covers also available.


Graco Airless Accessories Brochure

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