GRACO Proguard + Electrical Surge Protection 24W755


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GRACO Proguard + Electrical Surge Protection 24W755

ProGuard+ is used for the protection of Graco electrical equipment against fluctuations in voltage. If there are excessive voltage fluctuations (high or low) ProGuard+ disconnects the equipment from the power source to reduce the risk of damage to the equipment. ProGuard+ automatically resets after a 60-second delay when acceptable power is available.

 If the LED is a solid green, it indicates that the Proguard+ is powered and in normal operation. When the LED blinks red, it indicates that the ProGuard+ has sensed a high or low voltage condition and has disconnected power supply to the equipment. You should wait at least two minutes to see if an acceptable power source has been restored, in which case the LED will turn green. If the LED is off, it indicates that there is no power to the ProGuard+. 

High voltage is usually seen when the ProGuard+ is plugged into a power source that is higher than the rated voltage of the equipment. To fix a high voltage issue, use a power source that supplies the correct voltage. Meanwhile, low voltage is usually caused by other equipment being on the same circuit or when operating on generator power which cycles on and off. 

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