Graco Pump Inlet Strainer SST Cap Single Screen 1in SKU 189920


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Inlet Strainer, SST Cap Single Screen, 1in

The easiest way to maximize spray performance is to use Graco brand strainers and filters in your sprayers and guns. A strainer prevents foreign objects from entering into the pump and provides the first stage of filtration.  


 Replacement Single Screen 8 Mesh 1” Suction Filter is used on a wide variety of Airlessco, Atomex, Binks & Graco Airless Sprayers. 

1”" BSP Stainless steel single wire 8 mesh suction filter. 

Dimensions: (H) 35mm x (D) 54mm 

Models of airless sprayers that use this filter- 

Graco Models:

Ultra Max 695, 795, 1095, 1595

Ultra Max II 695, 795, 1095, 1095, Mark V

Gmax II 3900, 5900, 7900

GH 130, 200, 230, 300

LineLazer IV 3900, 5900, 130HS, 200HS, 250SPS, 250DC

LineLazer V 3900, 5900, 130HS, 200HS, 250SPS, 250DC

Made in the USA.



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