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GSA Timber Filler


GSA Timber Filler is a ready to use filler for interior use. It is suitable for filling holes and cracks in joinery and doors and can also be used as a grain and edge filler where a smooth surface is required .Ideal for repairing chips, dents, cracks, scratches, nail and screw holes.



• Ideal for filling hole, cracks, dents and chips in timber.

• Grain and edge filling.

• Interior joinery and doors.

• Can be stained or painted


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from dust and grease. Remove all loose and flaking materials (including old filler) from the areas to be filled.


Apply a small amount of filler onto a flexible filling blade. Apply in thin layers, pressing firmly into the area being filled, and remove any excess filler. Allow each area to dry before applying the next layer. Dries in 2-3 hours in thin applications, depending on atmospheric conditions. When dry, sand with 120-180 grit sandpaper to a smooth finish. GSA Interior Timber Filler can be primed with water or oil-based primer prior to top coating. When using tints and stains, the final application of clear varnish will deepen the colour of GSA Interior Timber Filler.


  • Ready-to-use filler for interior use, specifically designed for timber.
  • Suitable for filling holes, cracks, dents, and chips in timber.
  • Can be used as a grain and edge filler for achieving a smooth surface
  • Ideal for interior joinery and doors
  • Interior timber filler
  • Easy to sand
  • Perfect gloss retention