GSA Total Jointing Compound Range

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GSA Total Jointing Compound Range


GSA Total Jointing Compound

This multi-purpose total jointing compound is great for plasterboard, as a finishing coat over a base coat and as a repair compound for filling holes and cracks. It is easy to sand, water resistant when dry and easy to paint over. It leave you with a smooth finish. Comparable products are Zinsser Ready Patch, Turbo Builder's Bog and Bondall BondCrete.


If liquid has separated from the compound, re-mix and clean tools before use & always
replace lid.

Application - Walls
- Apply GSA Jointing Tape along the joint and smooth by hand.
- Using a 100mm broad knife, cover the tape with a thin layer of GSA Jointing
- Allow 24 hours to dry, then, using a 150mm broad knife, follow with a second
coat of the com- pound, filling the recessed area until it is level with the face of
the sheet. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
- Using a 200mm broad knife, apply a final coat of the compound along the joint
to a width of 250mm, leaving it slightly raised over the middle of the joint &
feather the edges so they are smooth.
- After approximately 24 hours drying time, joint can be sanded to a smooth
finish with 150 grit

3 coats of Total Jointing Compound requires 31kg
per 180 square meters of plasterboard. Final coat
only, 8kg per 100 square meters plasterboard

Clean - Up
Clean up with water.

Available sizes: 1.5KG,5KG,15L


  • Multi Purpose
  • Smooth finish
  • Easy to use - Premixed