INDALEX Level Arc 3.2-5.3m 180kg Pro Series Aluminium Extension Ladder


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INDALEX Level Arc 3.2-5.3m 180kg Pro Series Aluminium Extension Ladders

The Indalex Pro Series range of platform ladders have been tailor made to incorporate safety and quality into the design. With a 3 foot high hand-rail, waist high support and a solid platform to stand on, your work becomes easier and more comfortable.



  • Height: 3.2 - 5.3 meters
  • Approximate Weight: 16 kilogram
  • Load Rating: 180 kg



  • The Pro Series range of ladders have been designed to be robust, heavy duty ladders that last. They incorporate the best methods of joining the industrial grade aluminium structural components so that the ladder can withstand repeated use without the joints loosening.
  • Solid, heavy duty aluminium rivets fasten the steps to the side rails.
  • A 3 piece rung joint system is used in the rear section.
  • Anodized aluminium components mean better resistance to corrosion and lower retention of grime and dirt.
  • A fully automatic latching system will ensure that the upper section will not descend out of control.
  • These standard Pro Series aluminium extension ladders are fitted with the Level-Arc for use on sloping ground. 
  • The Level Arc Extension Ladders are industrial strength.
  • A life-time warranty for faulty materials or workmanship is provided.


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