iQuip Jumbuck - Lambswool Roller Sleeve Long Nap 24mm


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iQuip Jumbuck - Lambswool Roller Sleeve Long Nap 24 mm


IQuip’s best new roller sleeves have arrived at PaintAccess! Jumbuck 100% Australian Merino Lambswool paint roller sleeves have a high density pickup and superior capacity for the best results. These roller sleeves are suitable for applying all paints and coatings, with its high density natural fibres allowing more paint to be released onto the surface.

With Jumbuck’s machine centrally stitched seam, you don’t have to worry about de-lamination. It is long lasting and durable, keeping you on the job for longer without having to replace it. Lambswool is known for producing the best paint release and finest finish compared to other roller sleeves on the market. They’re also the most convenient - allowing you to achieve a faster and cleaner result.

Nap Length

Short nap 12mm: A short nap is most suitable for applying enamels, semi-gloss, and gloss acrylic on smooth surfaces. 

Regular nap 18mm: A regular nap is between the short and long naps. It is most suitable for applying flat and low sheen acrylic paints to smooth to moderately textured surfaces.

Long nap 24mm: A long nap is best when you need to apply acrylic paints to porous or rough surfaces. In comparison to a shorter nap, it produces a coarser stippled finish. 

Extra long nap: This is the longest available nap. It is ideal for applying coatings to rough surfaces including brickwork and texture coatings.

Available sizes

  • 230mm

  • 270mm

  • 305mm

  • 360mm

  • 460mm


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