iQuip Sir Jumbuck Lambskin Roller Sleeve Short Nap




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iQuip Sir Jumbuck Lambskin Roller Sleeve Short Nap


iQuip Sir Jumbuck 100% Aussie Lambskin Roller Sleeve

A huge diameter core lambswool paint roller sleeve providing over 25% more paint pickup and capacity.

Same as iQuip Jumbuck©, but bigger and better! 

  • 100% Australian Merino Lambswool
  • High Density Natural fibres release more paint to surface
  • Long Lasting
  • Suitable for applying all paints and coatings
  • Heavy duty solvent resistant phenolic core
  • High density lambswool for superior paint pickup and holding capacity 
  • Machine Centrally stitched seam prevents de-lamination


  • SHORT NAP: is suited for applying enamels, semi gloss & gloss acrylic paints on smooth surfaces. Produces fine stippled finish.


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