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Kabosh - Paint Odour Eliminator Range


Kabosh! 300ml - Paint Odour Eliminator - will cover around 30L of paint

15ml enough to cover 4L of paint 



Water based paint covers 15ml  per 4L

Epoxy and enamels - 30ml  per 4L


Add Kabosh! to your paint for odour-free pleasant painting

What is it?

Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator is a unique paint additive that reduces the unpleasant odour caused by most paint and paint related products. It is made in the USA.

Where will it work?

Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator works in almost all paints, stains, primers, epoxy, urethane, varnish, solvents, enamels, glues, adhesives and other surface coatings.

How does it affect the paint?

Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator does not change the characteristics of paint except extending the drying time by 5 - 10%. As it reacts to the air, it completely evaporates out of the paint film taking the odour with it.

Is Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator expensive?

Definitely not! It costs as little as 20 cents to treat a litre of acrylic paint, and it works! Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator also cuts down time due to offensive paint odours. Newly painted areas can be occupied again in most cases within a few hours after painting has taken place. This makes Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator an ideal additive when painting hotels, hospitals, shops, schools, offices, residences and wherever space is restricted.

How does it work?

Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator is not a mask or cover up. It doesn't just hide odours - it chemically neutralises them when Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator is activated by oxygen. Nothing happens until the treated paint is applied to the surface by brush or spray exposing the paint to the air. Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator molecules attach themselves to paint vapours causing them to fall away undetected.

How effective is Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator?

Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator is formulated to effectively reduce paint odours by 75% up to 90% resulting in a very high comfort level. 

How much should you use?

For most applications, one packet (15ml) will treat one gallon (almost 4 Litres) of paint. Follow the dilution chart and the back of the packet and start at the low level recommended for the paint used. Do not exceed the higher ratio, as more does not mean better. Heavier concentrations may cause a reaction which in fact creates another odour.

What about shelf life?

Once paint is treated with Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator it stays treated. Shelf life is only limited if the product is exposed to air for an extended period. Note: Multicolour (multispec) paint treated with Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator should not be stored for lengthy periods.

Why not just use low odour paint?

Low odour paints tend to be much more expensive. They may not hold up as well, may not be the right product to use or may not be available at all! Buy the paint that is right for the job and add Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator.

Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator eliminates odours caused by:

Wet paint, Thinners, Strippers, Solvents, Enamels, Epoxies, Urethanes

Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator works in:

Acrylics Urethane Epoxy Oil Alkyd Water based paints

Available sizes

Kabosh Paint Odour Eliminator 15ml, 300ml



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