Klingspor Abrasive Sand Paper 115mm x 50m (grey) Range

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Klingspor Abrasive Sand Paper 115mm x 50m (grey) Range


PS 33 C – the ideal abrasive roll with paper backing for a clean and precise surface finish

    The list of its impressive advantages is long thanks to its paper backing

    The paper backing has been designed specifically for surface grinding applications. While offering outstanding tear resistance, its orange paper keeps this abrasive paper perfectly flexible. Its unmatched properties ensure a long service life, e.g. during use for decorating work. This makes the tool not only exceedingly long-lasting but also allows it to retain its high removal rate. The combination of grit, semi-open coating and grinding active fillers reduces clogging of this abrasive paper to a minimum. Tearing off individual sheets from the roll is quick and easy. Another major benefit the abrasive roll PS 33 C affords its users is a price-performance ratio that is second to none.

    For smoothing surfaces with supreme efficiency

    Its superior stock removal rate makes the abrasive roll PS 33 C by Klingspor most effective when used for smoothing surfaces. To achieve perfect smoothness, you start off by sanding the wood with a coarse grit first to smooth any uneven areas. You then proceed by finishing the surface with a finer abrasive paper in subsequent work steps. Another area where the abrasive roll PS 33 C truly shines is the reconditioning of objects. This abrasive makes it possible to remove old wood & paint with great speed and effectiveness. To ensure that the new paint will properly bind to the substrate, it will often suffice to roughen the top coats of paint or varnish before the new coat is applied. Filled surfaces are levelled before being processed further. This step is necessary to remove the traces left behind by the tools during the application of the filler compound. If working with the necessary care, you will not be able to tell the difference - both from a visual and a haptic standpoint - between the filled areas and its adjacent non-filled surfaces. The abrasive roll PS 33 C has proven to be an excellent choice for workshops with a high demand for abrasive paper. It provides a supply of abrasive that is sufficient to cover all jobs that need to be completed on a day-to-day basis.


    • Available grits: 80120180240
    • Applications::Paint/Varnish/Filler
    • WoodBonding agent: Resin
    • Grain: Aluminium oxide
    • Coating: Semi-open
    • Backing: B/C


    The abrasive roll PS 33 C by Klingspor sets itself apart with its exceptional and unparalleled tear resistance, e.g. when used for decorating work. These properties make it the tool of choice for surface grinding applications carried out either by hand or using hand-operated machines. This high-quality abrasive is a particularly good option for work on:

    • Wood
    • Paint
    • Varnish
    • Filler