Nordsjo Professional Rapid Repair Filler

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Nordsjö Professional Rapid Repair Filler

Nordsjö Professional Rapid Repair Filler quickly fills small cracks and holes, such as drill and nail holes. It adheres perfectly to stone, concrete, drywall, plaster and stucco.

  • For filling and repairing small cracks and holes, such as drill holes and nails
  • Excellent adhesion to plasterboard, wood, brick, concrete, fiber cement, drywall, plaster and render
  • Not for use on metal, plastic, PVC and damp surfaces
  • Suitable for interior & exterior use

    Nordsjö Professional Rapid Repair Filler - properties: 

    • Ready to use
    • Rapid dry: sand and paint after 15 minutes (5 mm layer at 20°C) with all types of paint
    • Easy to sand
    • Will not shrink
    • Accepts nails and screws
    • Maximum layer thickness: 5 mm
    • Maximum depth: 5 mm
    • Must be painted over when used outside (minimum 2 coats)
    • Colour: White

    Nordsjö Professional Rapid Repair Filler - How to apply:

    • Substrate must be clean, dry, dust and grease free.
    • Remove all loose materials.
    • Mix the product well before use.
    • Press filler into crack with a filling knife, smoothing off with a wet filling knife.
    • For deeper repairs, build up in layers of 5 mm, letting the product dry in between layers.
    • Remove any excess filler and leave to dry.
    • Once dry sand lightly if required.
    • Clean tools and hands with warm water immediately after use.
    • Do not store or use below 5°C.

    Nordsjö Professional Rapid Repair Filler - tools to apply:

    • Filling Knife
    • Fine Sandpaper



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