Oldfields CoverGrip Safety Drop Cloth ALL Sizes

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Oldfields CoverGrip Safety DropCloths

  • Ultra safety design and for peach of mind.
  • Thousands of rubberised traction dots hold cloth in place.
  • Works well on surfaces such as wood, tiles, marble granite and even on stairs
  • Resistant to slippage, the CoverGrip holds steady to most floors including tile, wood, granite & marble floors.
  • Sticks to the floor and great for government jobs.


Ideal for

Protection against paint, spatter, dust & dirt while retaining a high degree of safety

    Protection against paint spatter, dust & dirt. Use to cover floors, carpets, furniture & equipment.


    Dropcloth Sizes:

    8' x 5' (2.43m x 1.52m),

    8' x 10' (3.04m x 2.43m), 

    12' x 3'6" (3.65m x 1.06m)


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