Oldfields Pro Series Tungsten Carbide 50mm Tool

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Oldfields Pro Series Tungsten Carbide 50mm Scraper Tool


    This solid 50mm steel scraper featuring a reversible long-lasting tungsten carbide blade, is suitable for the toughest of environments. Easily remove glue, paint, varnish and rust from all flat surfaces with/without a heat gun or chemical stripper. 


    • 1 x Tungsten Carbide Blade 50mm
    • Reversible and Replaceable
    • Solid Steel Construction
    • Threaded to attach extension poles
    • Quick release spring 
    • Extra strength head screw
    • Easy-to-use larger nut
    • Notched frame for extra strength


    Replacement Blades (special grade of tungsten carbide is extremely hard and durable) are available in all size packs.

    An upgrade from the LiNBiDE General Purpose Scraper 50mm and Uni-Pro Genius Scraper 50mm. It is an identical product with extra added features and benefits.

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