Oldfields 330mm Strong Plastic Bucket with Lid (6 Buckets) - BULK SPECIAL - 20% OFF


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Oldfields 330mm Strong Plastic Bucket with Lid - BULK SPECIAL - 20% OFF



$42.24 each instead of $52.80 Regular Price



Plastic Roller Bucket and Lid 330mm. Strong polypropylene handles.

Metal handles on 440mm.

Bubble lid on 330mm bucket enables storage of 230 and 270mm roller frames.

  • Heavy duty, stable, synthetic tub 33% lighter then equivalent sized metal tubs.
  • Lid prevents skinning, drying and flaking of paint for up to 5 days.
  • Tub can be taken off site for easy cleaning.
  • Dried paint peels off easily.
  • Non-corroding.
  • Conveniently serves as Bucket and Roller Tray

This bucket will last you many years. Many trade painters prefer these plastic buckets to the metal ones.

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