One Tie Strap Bundle organise Range




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One Tie Strap Bundle organise Range


 One Tie Strap Bundle organise 



So versatile that it’s uses are endless

ONE•TIE® is one of the most useful gear-wrapping tools on the planet. Whether you need to strap something down, tie something up, or bundle some things together, there are a bazillion uses for the durable and reuseable ONE•TIE®!




  • ONE•TIE® is so versatile that it’s uses are virtually endless:
  • Reusable: ONE•TIE® can be used over and over again without wearing out.
  • Chemical & UV resistant: ONE•TIE® is made from a durable polymer that can withstand a wide range of chemicals, as well as tolerate hot and cold temperatures.
  • Durable: rest assured the ONE•TIE® can handle whatever abuse you throw at it.
  • Linkable: One Tie can be linked together to tackle a project of any size.


  • Water Resistant
  • UV / Oxidisation Stable
  • Resists Heat & Cold
  • Reusable
  • Applications

- Camping

- Garden

- Workshop

- Electrical Cables

- Household 

  • Available Sizes: 20 cm, 35 cm
  • Colours: Black, Red
  • Product code: TIEO-8BL6, TIEO-14BL6, TIEO-8RE6, TIEO-14RE6