PaintAccess 63mm Wall Brush White or Pink Filament

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  • Superior paint pickup & hold capability.
  • Fast application with one coat coverage with even put down for a smooth finish.
  • Built specifically for precise edge control when cutting or detail work.
  • Strong, durable & shed resistant holding its shape for continuous use.
  • Easy to clean
  • The performance of these brushes has been carefully tested with alkyd based, water based and oil based paint.
  • Sophisticated technology to produce a durable brush option and remain true to Oldfields tradition of quality. 


  • Durable stainless-steel ferrule, with embossed logo and sink marks.
  • Interior construction holds the ferrule to the handle.


  • The brush handle is made of smooth fine beech wood & ergonomically designed.


  • Built specifically for increased precision & control when cutting in & detail work.
  • Perfect for windows, cornices & architraves.
  • Longer handle for greater balance & control.

White Filament 

Designed for waterbased (acrylic) and oilbased top coats for woodwork.


Pink Filament

Designed for waterbased (acrylic) paint. Cut in for walls and ceiling applications.

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