Paintaccess Corner Tape Dispenser

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Paintaccess Corner Tape Dispenser

Corner Tape Dispenser Textured Paper Pasting Machine Spray Paint Sticker Floor Beautification Gap Tile Caulking Mark Scraper 

The corner tape dispenser is being developed and produced by Shanghai FIT Technology Co., Ltd., and has won the national patent. It has adjustable spacing, precise guidance, suitable for all kinds of curtain walls, interior and exterior decoration, window, sunlight room, painting protect, and other applications. The applying efficiency, straightness and compactness are better than manual work, avoiding wearing hands, It is a real artifact!


Product Name: Corner Tape Dispenser
Model: FMY-01
Material: engineering plastic + stainless steel
Suitable for masking paper roll core diameter: 38MM
Applicable masking paper width: ≤50MM
Distance adjustment range: 0-50MM
Net weight: 500G (Excluding masking tape),
Size: 176x141x109MM
Packing weight: 620G
Packing Size: 183x153x123MM 

Product Parts:


1. Masking tape: it is suitable for small rolls tape, the inner diameter of the roll is about 38mm, the width can not be more than 25mm (1cm = 10mm), and the maximum length is 50m;
2. Housing: Using engineering plastics, unique design, strong and durable;
3. V Roller: two industrial grade bearings inside, coated with wear-resistant buffer rubber, smooth rolling, it is close touching to one side of the internal corner to achieve accurate positioning and guidance;
4. Blade: Made of stainless steel, easy to cut off the tape;
5. H Roller: two industrial grade bearings inside, coated with wear-resistant buffer rubber, smooth rolling, applying tape to the work surface of the internal corner;
6. Limit block: hold and locate the masking paper to provent drift;
7. Location board:through the combination of one or two location boards, being stuck in the appropriate slot to locate the position of the tape (this function can be used or not used according to needs);
8. Tape roller: using glass fiber reinforced engineering plastics, ingenious design for fast loading and unloading of masking tape, the distance between the tape and the root of the internal corner is adjusted from 0 to 50 mm;
9. Handle: Ergonomic design, comfortable grip and easy operation;
10. Adjust knob: By rotating the cross screw in the hole, the damping of the roll tape can be adjusted to adapt to different toughness and thickness of masking paper;


It should be pointed out that the corner tape dispenser itself is positioned as a special applying tool for internal corners, but it does not mean that it is only suitable for internal corners, whether it is a plane or an external corner area. As long as the internal corners can be formed through auxiliary surfaces (such as wooden strips, level ruler, etc.), the tool can be used to greatly improve the pasting efficiency, straightness and compactness.



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