PaintAccess Heavy Duty Drop Cloth (3.66m x 1.52m)

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PaintAccess Heavy Duty Drop Cloth (3.66m x 1.52m)


PaintAccess Heavy Duty 3.66m x 1.52m

We have specifically created this canvas drop cloth to match the current best-selling  drop cloth on the market. Real thick drop sheet for any project.

Our drop cloths are made from strong, cotton fibres and rated heavy duty to their 8 ounce thickness. They provide protection for carpets, floors, furniture, paths, windows and doors when painting walls, mouldings and window sills.


    If out of stock will provide any brand with same qualities


    • Heavy duty cotton
    • Drop Cloth 8oz thickness
    • Size 12 x 5ft - 3.66x1.52m


    • Strong & reusable
    • Extra thick for added protection
    • Close weave for exceptional performance