Peel Stop Triple Thick

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Peel Stop Triple Thick


Clear Binding Primer
Interior & Exterior Water-Base


  • Stops peeling paint 
  • Creates a smoother finish-seals weathered surfaces
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Dries whithe 
  • Topcoat in 2 hours

    PEEL STOP TRIPLE THICK is 3 times thicker than regular primers

    So, It fills and seals cracked, weathered, and peeling areas, creating a smoother, more uniform surface for finishing. 

    PEEL STOP TRIPLE THICK goes on white and dries to a white-tones finish to trace where it has been applied, while it assists in hide.

    Topcoats will last longer with PEEL STOP TRIPLE THICK

    PEEL STOP TRIPLE THICK has outstanding flexibility allowing for the natural expansion and contraction that can occur with wood and other exterior surfaces


    Approx. 50-200 aq. ft/ (5-19 m20 per gallon depending on application method and surface porosity. 

     Pack Sizes:

    • 3.78L


  • May be applied up to 30 mils wet without sagging
  • <100 VOC
  • Fast drying - recoat in 2 hours
  • Interior and exterior
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Seals worn surfaces for a smooth finish
  • Top coat with any latex or alkyd paint
  • Water-base primer-sealer

    Further Product Information: 

    SDS Zinsser Peel Stop Triple Thick