QTech Suction UltraFinish Pro HVLP Spray Kit



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QTech Suction UltraFinish Pro HVLP Spray Kit



What’s included?

  • 5-Stage Turbine (9.5 PSI)
  • Professional Grade Non-Bleed Spray Gun
  • 2 Litre Remote Pressure Pot
  • 1.8m Fluid hose
  • Stainless Steel Fluid Passages
  • Side Mounted Fan Pattern Control™
  • Heat Dissipation Chamber™
  • Noise Reduction Covers™
  • 7.5 metres Heavy Duty Hose
  • 2 metre whip hose
  • Quick Connect Couplings
  • Air Control Valve

What Makes the QTech Suction UltraFinish Pro HVLP Spray Kit?

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Added paint capacity with 2 Litre remote pressure pot
  • Powerful and versatile
  • Simple fan pattern adjustment from circular to wide at your fingertips
  • Three fan pattern orientations – horizontal, vertical, circle
  • Gun is 20% lighter which allows for easy maneuvering and less fatigue on the painter
  • A quieter overall spray experience
  • Can be used with a range of materials (high to low viscosity)
  • Suitable for both waterborne and solvent-based coatings
  • Easy to disassemble spray gun resulting in hassle-free clean up and maintenance

Key Features of QTech HVLP 5 Stage

  • Heat Dissipation Chamber™ – dissipates heat resulting in increased turbine motor life
  • Noise Reduction Covers™ – muffles the operating level by removing direct sound paths
  • Rugged metal turbine case
  • Quick-change friction fit filters
  • Non-bleed turbine spray gun
  • Fan Pattern Control™ to adjust the size of the fan
  • Cup capacity 1 litre
  • Remote Pot capacity 2 litres
  • Stainless steel needle, nozzle, and fluid passages
  • High transfer efficiency

Heat Dissipation Chamber™ is a unique method of removing any heat build up from the turbine case. Excess heat is channeled to a Heat Dissipation Chamber™ located at the rear of the case. Since the hot air is dissipated evenly through an optimum surface area of 60 holes, there is no added hiss or loud whistling noise. There is also no blowing around of debris. The benefits of a cooler running unit results in a longer life for your turbine motor compared to standard turbines.

Noise Reduction Covers are a method to reduce noise. The Noise Reduction Covers™ house the filters. Ambient air is entrained only from the rear effectively removing any Direct Sound Paths. Air is drawn in through a large rear aperture and through specially designed ‘Finger Slots’ for optimum performance.Additional power allows the user to apply heavier coatings and thicker viscosity finishes faster and with less time spent on preparation of materials.


Nozzle  | 1.5mm

MWP     | 0.665 bar | 9.5 psi

Suction Cup    | 1 ltr

Remote Pot   | 2 ltr

Weight  | 14.80kg

Warranty  | 2 years



Gloss and wood primers

Cellulose coatings

Solvent based top coats

Wood preservatives and other similar coatings.



Suction Gun with 1.5mm nozzle

7.5 hose assembly and 2m flexible whip hose

2 Litre Remote Pressure Pot

1.8m Fluid Hose

Viscosity cup


Wet film gauge

19 piece cleaning and maintenance kit

2 Spare Turbine Filters


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