Rotacota Calibre Oval Cutter

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Rotacota Calibre Oval Cutter


Rotacota Calibre Oval Cutterrush

The new Smooth Coat Oval Cutter brush range is now in stock! Trade-quality components make this the perfect brush for cutting in. Premium synthetic filaments for superior paint pick-up and controlled release for a smooth, professional finish. For all paints on most surfaces indoor and outdoor.

For Interior and Exterior Applications

  • Solid round tapered synthetic filaments for maximum protection
  • Smooth even finish
  • Flat Sash Brush within an oval shape
  • Superior paint pick-up and release
  • All paints including water-based enamel
  • Stainless Steel Ferrule
  • Smooth, Long, OVAL Timber Handle perfect for holding comfortably and turning as needed
  • Reusable cardboard packaging storage sleeve

Sizes Available: 50mm, 63mm


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