Rust-Oleum Benchtop Transformations 4.6sq Meter Kit




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Rust-Oleum Benchtop Transformations 4.6sq Meter Kit



Replace those dated and dirty bench-tops to look like granite minus the time, mess and costliness of real bench-top replacement. Rust-Oleum Benchtop Transformations makes it so easy anyone can do it. In one weekend you can completely transform the look of your countertops into the various looks of granite.

  • Affordable alternative to time-consuming and costly countertop demolition
  • Easy to use, no special skills required
  • Ultimate durability
  • Acrylic, Epoxy Silicone Amine with a Satin sheen
  • Not tintable
  • Cleans up with Turpentine
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • 2 days total project time



For smooth application, hold roller at high angle when applying base coat.


  • 4.6 Square Meter Kit


Diamond White 274268

Galaxy Black 274269


The Benchtop Transformations kit includes both an instructional DVD and printed instructions to aid with the process and coating application.

The kit also includes:

  • Base Coat (946 ml)
  • 2-Part Protective Top Coat (Part A 237 ml & B 237 ml)
  • Diamond-Embedded Sanding Tool
  • Scrub pad
  • Stir Sticks (2)
  • Instructional Booklet


Items not supplied with the kit which need to be purchased separately:

100mm Microfiber Roller and Frame,
Lint-Free Rags,

Suggested Items Needed:

100% Silicone Kitchen and Bath Caulk (for repair)

Technical Data - Product Application Sheet -Review this sheet to get an idea of how to do Surface Preparation, Application of the Base Coat and Application of the Top Coat.