Express Rollers 270mm Short Nap (Yellow) 14mm Nap Roller

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The short nap has been developed for the application of enamel paints, gloss and semi - gloss acrylics over broad smooth areas.

Due to the ultra fine finish achieved it is ideal to overcome opacity difficulties where whites or paler pastel colours are used.



The lambswool is epoxy glued and bonded to a PVC core preventing delamination and allowing the roller to be soaked overnight in paint thinners or water.

The lambswool has undergone numerous specifically developed treatments to maximise performance. Fully separated and straightened fibres ensure extremely efficient paint release and a fine tight knit roller pattern. This substantially increases productivity and enhances surface opacity for a superior quality finish.

Innovative research and development specifically directed at very precise detail & performance criteria has produced a "state of the art'" lambswool roller cover that comprehensively stands alone in the market place.

Express Paint Rollers 'Superior' Lambswool are premium quality, 100% Australian lambswool professional painter's roller cover.

The wool used in our rollers is a special blend that has been specifically formulated to produce the absolute best paint release and finest paint finish available on the market.

Express Paint Rollers Pty Ltd proprietors have used their lifetime knowledge & experience in the professional painting industry and combined it with the very latest technology available in the wool and leather industry, to develop a worlds finest paint roller material.

Traditionally, lambswool rollers have been well recognised for a faster, cleaner and more efficient method of paint application. In fact, the Superior lambswool roller applies paint 25-30% faster than any synthetic man-made fabric. The lambswool used in the Superior range of rollers has been specifically tanned to produce the absolute best paint release and the finest paint finish available on the market. Used correctly, the Superior range of rollers have all the productivity and efficiency advantages of lambswool combined with the superior quality finish normally only associated with synthetic fabrics.

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