Zinsser Smart Prime Undercoat

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Zinsser Smart Prime Undercoat


Zinsser Smart Prime Undercoat 

A revolution in water-base technology, Smart Prime is formulated with a proprietary resin system that resists rewetting to block stains from water and other water-soluble stains like an oil-base primer. It also features other performance characteristics once reserved for oil-base formulas like superior flow and leveling and deep penetration for better sealed surfaces without sacrificing the benefits of a water-base primer.

Like other water-base primers, Smart Prime effectively seals all oil-soluble stains like grease, crayon, tar and asphalt, so projects can be completed with just one primer. A superior all-purpose, all-surface interior/exterior primer, it also offers fast dry time, exterior flexibility and soap and water clean up in a low odor, low VOC formula.

Smart Prime was developed to give contractors everything they expect from an oil-base primer in a water-base formula that's VOC compliant everywhere, said Tim O'Reilly, business manager for Zinsser primers. It combines the dependable stain-blocking of an oil-base with the exterior flexibility of a water-base without sacrificing the convenience contactors are looking for fast dry time, low-odor and easy soap and water clean-up.

LEED compliant Smart Prime features legendary Zinsser adhesion, so it sticks to all surfaces even dense, glossy surfaces like enamel paints and varnishes, paneling, laminates or ceramic tile without sanding or deglossing. Plus, it blocks tannin bleed, so it's great for priming cedar, Redwood and other new wood.

Ideal for use on bare or painted surfaces like drywall, aluminum, vinyl, steel, galvanized metal and PVC, Smart Prime seals porous surfaces like cured plaster, concrete, stucco and masonry and binds chalky siding and trim. It offers excellent hide and great enamel hold-out, even over dark color topcoats, and can be tinted for improved hiding power and one-coat topcoat coverage. It can be applied using brush, roller or spray, dries to the touch in 30 minutes, and is ready to recoat in one hour.

Smart Prime with Advanced Formula Water-Base Technology is available in a 100% recycled plastic can that is 100% recyclable. For more information about Smart Prime, and the complete line of Zinsser high performance primer-sealers, visit www.zinsser.com

Size: 1L, 4L, 10L, 19L


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Compare Table

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Zinsser® B-I-N Zinsser® 1-2-3 Zinsser® COVER STAIN Zinsser® SMART PRIME
Interior use
Plasterboard or Gyprock Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Cement Board Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Plaster Good Excellent Good" Excellent
New Wood Trim/Doors Excellent Good DC Brushless DC Brushless
Plywood Good Good Excellent Excellent
Brick & Concrete Good Excellent Good Excellent
Aluminium Good Excellent Good Good
Galvanised Good Excellent Not Recommended Good
Wood Paneling Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Fibreglass Doors Good Excellent Not Recommended Excellent
Clear Finishes Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Ceramic Tile/Formica Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Wallcovering (non-porous) Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Exterior use
Cedar & Redwood Interior Use Only Excellent Excellent Excellent
T1-11/Plywood Interior Use Only Excellent Excellent Excellent
Pressure Treated Wood Interior Use Only Excellent Excellent Excellent
Brick/Concrete/ Stucco Interior Use Only Excellent Good Excellent
HardiPlank/ HardiBoard Interior Use Only Excellent Good Excellent
Vinyl Siding Interior Use Only Excellent Good Excellent
Aluminium Interior Use Only Excellent Good Excellent
Galvanised Interior Use Only Excellent Not Recommended Good
Wrought Iron Interior Use Only Good Excellent Not Recommended
Steel Interior Use Only Excellent Excellent Excellent
PVC Pipe Interior Use Only Excellent Good Excellent
Resistance with Stains & Odours
Tanning Bleed Excellent Good Excellent Excellent
Knots & Sap Excellent Not Recommended Good Good
Rust Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Smoke & File Damage Excellent Not Recommended Excellent Not Recommended
Water Damage Excellent Not Recommended Excellent Good
Nicotine/Tobacco Excellent Not Recommended Excellent Not Recommended
Mildew Stains Excellent Fair Excellent Good
Pet Stains Excellent Not Recommended Excellent Not Recommended
Asphalt/Tar/ Grease Excellent Excellent Not Recommended Excellent
Creosote Excellent Good Not Recommended Excellent
Pencil Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Lipstick/Crayon Excellent Excellent Good Excellent
Odour Sealing Excellent Not Recommended Not Recommended Not Recommended