Soudal Contractors 101 GF Range

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Soudal Contractors 101 GF Range


A flexible and paintable acrylic gap filler, ideal for sealing gaps, cracks and joints with a movement of ±10%. It has a smooth finish and cleans up with water. Suitable for interior and exterior, though it protects from moisture when used externally. Over paintable after product skins approx. 60 mins.



Suitable for sealing around window frames, window sills, skirting boards, cornices, walls and floorboards for internal and external applications. Offers strong adhesion to most common building materials including wood, MDF, particle board, plywood, fibre cement sheet, plasterboard, " concrete, masonry including brick and block work, cement render, tiles, ceramics, and aluminium.


For more detailed info, refer to the current technical Data sheet on our website prior to use.

The surface must be dry, clean, and free from dust, grease/contaminants.

Apply at temperatures between +5°C and +35ºC.

Apply into the joint and tool prior to skin formation, approx. 20 mins.

Ensure correct joint dimension and preparation, consult the technical bulletin "Joint

Preparation & Joint Dimensions" on our website.

Clean up: Uncured with water or Soudal Swipex. Cured with Sealant Remover.

Store in a cool and dry place between +5ºC and +25°C.


When painting, use sufficient flexible paint. It is the user's responsibility to determine the suitability of use. It is recommended that a sample test be undertaken before use. Do not use it when rain or frost is imminent. In damp. cold or humid conditions, curing time may be significantly extended. wide joints are best left to dry for 24-48 hours. Particular water-based undercoats & flat paints may mud crack after drying. To limit mud-cracking, best to allow 24hrs (small gaps) or 48 hrs (wider gaps) before painting 


  • Easy to apply
  • Superior flexibility
  • Paintable in 60 mins
  • Extremely durable
  • Available Sizes: 450 g
  • Product code: 144611
  • Pack: Single, Box of 6, Box of 20
  • Color: White