Soudal Light Speed Filler Range

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Soudal Light Speed Filler Range

Light speed filler is a high-quality, rapid-drying, lightweight filling and sealing compound. It is specifically designed to be non-shrinking and is ideal for repairing pinholes, drill holes, static joints, and cracks in internal walls and ceilings. Light speed filler delivers a smooth, sandable finish that can be painted over in as little as 15 minutes, with easy clean-up in water.


    • Reparation of small holes and cracks in plaster, concrete, cellular concrete, etc.
    • For filling and repair of cracks and drilling holes in walls and ceilings (plasterboard, concrete, stone, etc.)
    • Indoor reparation of shrinkage cracks and cracks in mineral surfaces like plaster-work, concrete, masonry, and decorative plaster
    • For the filling of static joints and cracks in walls and ceilings
    • Shrink-free finishing of seams of synthetic finishing and decorative profiles.

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