Stylus KWIKMASK Pre Fold Masking Film Roll 1.2m x 50m Box of 12

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Stylus KWIKMASK Pre Fold Masking Film Roll 1.2m x 50m Box of 12



Stylus KWIKMASK Masking Film 1.2m x 50m Roll (Box of 12)

High density, static cling pre folded transulcent PE film designed for automotive, constuction & marine industries.


  • Applications:

– Marine & Aerospace masking requiring high visibility tape

– Various building & construction needs

– Automotive/smash repair

– Multiple home & industrial needs

– Corona treated to prevent paint flaking

  • No paint flaking.
  • Can be recycled after use.
  • Available Sizes: 1.2m x 50m, 1.8m x 25m, 2.5m x 25m


  • Stylus KWIKMASK Masking Film is a premium grade masking film ideal for all painting projects.
  • It is suitable for use with Pro-Masker and most standard film dispenser machines.
  • This product helps to protect against paint flaking and provides maximum adhesion.
  • Corona treated(electrostatically charged film) for maximum paint adhesion from overspray or overloaded brushes
  • CAUTION: Stylus KWIKMASK Masking Film can be a suffocation hazard and should be kept away from children.