Taubmans Sunproof Low Sheen 10L Self Priming 113200/10L

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Taubmans Sunproof Low Sheen 10L Self Priming 113200/10L



Taubmans Low Sheen White Sunproof Exterior Paint White Range

Taubmans has been making paint since 1899. They currently have plants in Villawood NSW and Clayton VIC. Their lifetime guarantee means that you can rest assured that your paint will stay looking brand new for as long as you need it.

Painting your front fence is an easy and affordable way to refresh the look of your home. We’re making it even easier with Taubmans Sunproof Exterior Paint.  

Further Product Information: 

SDS Taubmans Sunproof Low Sheen 10L



  • Sunproof

Taubmans’ Sunproof is guaranteed to protect against blistering, flaking or peeling if applied correctly. Australia is a very sunny country with high levels of UV - so Sunproof is the tough paint you need to withstand extreme conditions, keeping your exteriors looking good for longer.

  • How do I apply Taubmans Sunproof?

The key first step is surface preparation. The surfaces you want to paint should be clean, dry, and free of contamination. Make sure to fill in any surface defects with filler or sealant. Surfaces should be properly prepared in accordance with the type of material. For best results, make sure you are painting in adequate conditions. Ensure proper ventilation and  avoid painting in direct sun or windy conditions. When it comes to the application of the paint, you can use a brush, roller, or sprayer. Apply two generous coats and three if it is an unpainted surface.

  • Application method 

Taubmans Sunproof can be applied with a brush, roller, or paint sprayer. The method you choose will depend on your needs and the size of the job. Whilst a paint sprayer is faster and more effective, it is also more expensive and results in more paint wastage. Using a paint brush or roller to apply Sunproof will be a slower process, but won’t incur the expenses that a paint sprayer would. 


  • UV barrier protection
  • Water-based 

Taubmans Sunproof is a water-based paint. Water-based paints have less odour once applied to surfaces and they don't react with pollutants in the atmosphere to contribute to climate change. The result is fresh, breathable air for us all, without compromising on easy application and brilliant, long-lasting finishes.

  • Self priming 

Taubmans Endure is self-priming on most surfaces. This means that a dedicated primer is not required on most surfaces. Self priming paints also help to seal in underlying liquids to prevent bleed-through, provide a uniform smooth surface, and easily bond to difficult-to-adhere-to surfaces.

  • Fast drying 

Sunproof’s fast drying formula allows you to get the job done faster. Say goodbye to waiting hours and hours for your paint to dry. This also allows you to do multiple coats of paint in a shorter amount of time.

  • Resists against cracking 

Issues such as insufficient surface preparation and applying paint too thinly can cause it to crack. Luckily, Taubmans Sunproof has a special formula which effectively protects against cracking. 

  • Prevents colour fading 

Prolonged exposure to harsh sun increases colour fading of the paint. Taubmans Sunproof is formulated to protect against colour fading even in tough weather conditions. Its UV barrier prevents harmful UV rays from penetrating the paint, keeping it looking its best for longer.

  • Easy application 

Sunproof is easy and quick to apply, allowing you to get the job done right the first time. It only requires two coats on previously painted surfaces. Sunproof provides superior sun protection for your home.

  • Safe for rain water collection 

Sunproof is specially formulated to be safe to use on surfaces for rainwater collection. 

  • 25 year guarantee

Taubmans’ 25 year guarantee allows you to keep painting with confidence and rest assured that your house will be properly protected against damage. Sunproof is covered with a 25 year guarantee against blistering, flaking, or peeling if applied correctly on properly prepared surfaces.

  •  Available Sizes:  4L, 10L, 15L


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