Taubmans Sunproof Low Sheen 10L Self Priming 113200/10L

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Taubmans has been making paint since 1899. They currently have plants in Villawood NSW and Clayton VIC. Their lifetime guarantee means that you can rest assured that your paint will stay looking brand new for as long as you need it.


Taubmans’ Sunproof is guaranteed to protect against blistering, flaking or peeling if applied correctly. Australia is a very sunny country with high levels of UV - so Sunproof is the tough paint you need to withstand extreme conditions, keeping your exteriors looking good for longer.

How do I apply Taubmans Sunproof?

The key first step is surface preparation. The surfaces you want to paint should be clean, dry, and free of contamination. Make sure to fill in any surface defects with filler or sealant. Surfaces should be properly prepared in accordance with the type of material. For best results, make sure you are painting in adequate conditions. Ensure proper ventilation and  avoid painting in direct sun or windy conditions. When it comes to the application of the paint, you can use a brush, roller, or sprayer. Apply two generous coats and three if it is an unpainted surface.


EasyCoat has a gloss level of 1% and is ideal for all ceilings. After properly preparing the surface and priming as necessary, apply two coats of Taubmans EasyCoat with a roller or brush. The corners and edges should be painted with a narrow brush, and roll up to the edges using a 10mm roller. Between the first and second coat, you should wait 2 hours to allow the paint to dry completely.

TradeX Wall and Ceiling Paint 

Are you a trade painter looking for quality ceiling or walls paint? Look no further - you’ve found it with TradeX. PaintAccess offers Low Sheen Interior Paint for walls and ceilings. TradeX is the perfect opacity, has no splashing, and is simple to spray with great results. After cleaning and preparing the surface, apply two coats of TradeX paint - with a 12mm roller or HVLP or Airless Sprayer. 

All Weather 

Just like the name suggests, Taubmans’ All Weather exterior paint provides protection in all weather conditions. It prevents blistering, flaking, or peeling of paint if applied correctly. Maximum protection from dirt and stains ensures that your exteriors will remain looking as good as new for longer. The paint is formulated to create a strong protective shield, allowing you to easily clean it without compromising the quality of the paint. 

What textures is Taubmans All Weather available in?

  • Low-sheen

Ideal for: Weatherboard, cement render, fibrous cement, brick, fences, pergolas and outdoor timber furniture. Suitable for the collection of drinking water. Gloss level 10-15%.

  • Matt
  • Gloss

Ideal for: Weatherboard, cement render, fibrous cement, brick, fences, pergolas and outdoor timber furniture. Suitable for the collection of drinking water. Gloss level 65-75%.

  • Semi-gloss 

How do I apply Taubmans All Weather?

After proper surface preparation, you should apply a minimum of two coats - dependent on the surface, as coverage will be lower on rough or absorbent surfaces. For best results, apply three coats. It is important to avoid using Taubmans All Weather at temperatures below 10C, above 35C, or in high humidity. 


Taubmans’ Endure is specifically designed with 8-in-1 multi-benefit protection. 

  1. Wash resistant 
  2. Stain-resistant
  3. Scrub resistant
  4. Anti-microbial
  5. Asthma & allergy-friendly 
  6.  Low VOC & odour
  7.  Inhibits mould & mildew
  8. Nanoguard technology

Its resistance to dirt and bacteria makes it ideal for families with children or pets who like to get a bit mucky. It also features Low-VOC, improving air quality and protecting your health against harmful chemicals. On the topic of health, Endure is also allergy-friendly. It has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program. 

Further Product Information: 

SDS Taubmans Sunproof Low Sheen 10L


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