Taubmans Tradex White Low Sheen - 10L - Interior Wall Paint - 274200/10L

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Colour: Vivid White 274200/10L
Vivid White 274200/10L
Lexicon 274200/10L
Lexicon Half 274200/10L
Lexicon Quarter 274200/10L
Natural White 274200/10L
Off White 274200/10L
White Swan 274200/10L
Whisper White 274200/10L
Berkshire White 274200/10L
Antique White USA 274200/10L
Chalk USA 274200/10L
China White 274200/10L
Hog Bristle 274200/10L
Stowe White 274200/10L
Sandy Day 274200/10L
White On White 274200/10L
White Polar Half 274200/10L
Snow Season 274200/10L
Snowy Mountains 274200/10L
White Exchange Half 274200/10L
Snow Seasons Quarter 274200/10L
Seed Pearl 274200/10L
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Taubmans Tradex White Low Sheen Interior Wall Paint 


  • Perfect opacity
  • Flat (1%) Gloss less
  • No splashing
  • Simple to spray, brush or roll
  • Dead flat finish
  • Washable finish
  • APAS 0260/3 approved



    Application process

    Firstly prepare surface 

    Clean (wash with detergent) and dry  the surface. Mould needs to be treated with bleach and rinsed with fresh water then. All surface defects need to be filled with a suitable filler.

    Application steps

    • Mix paint for 5 minutes before use
    • Floor and furnishing must be covered
    • Put on one coat of Tradex UltraPrep if needed.
    • Then apply two coats of Tradex coat.  
    • Use a 12 mm roller sleeve. 
    • Put on extra coats if required by brush only.
    • It is important to use good quality roller and brush.
    • Use HVLP or Airless Spray ( up to 10% thinnes) if spray application is preferable. 
    • 30 minutes (at 50% humidity and 25°C)  is a Drying time (touch dry). It may take longer dump or humid areas
    • After 2 hours Recoat with water/oil based coat
    • If temperatures below 10°C or above 35°C Do not paint
    • Close the container lid if not using


    Make sure the ventilation is adequate while using the paint


    During 48 hours keep away from condensation and steam. Surface can be washed only after 7 days!

    Covered area

    Coverage depends on the surface roughness and porousness. Up to 16 m2 per litre.

    Further Product Information: 

    SDS Taubmans Tradex White Low Sheen - 10L

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