Taubmans Water Based Enamel Gloss White - 4L - 121610/4L

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Colour: Vivid White 121610/4L
Vivid White 121610/4L
White On White 121610/4L
Lexicon 121610/4L
Lexicon Half 121610/4L
Lexicon Quarter 121610/4L
Natural White 121610/4L
Off White
Whisper White 121610/4L
Berkshire White 121610/4L
Antique White USA 121610/4L
Chalk USA 121610/4L
China White 121610/4L
Hog Bristle 121610/4L
Stowe White 121610/4L
Sandy Day 121610/4L
Seed Pearl 121610/4L
White Polar Half 121610/4L
Snow Season 121610/4L
Snow Seasons Quarter 121610/4L
Snowy Mountains 121610/4L
White Exchange Half 121610/4L
White Swan 121610/4L
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Taubmans Water Based Enamel Gloss White


  • Can be used for doors, windows and trims.
  • Can be cleaned easily (shield the surface from sweat,  cleaning agents and grease) 
  • Long lasting
  • 45% - 50% - Gloss level.
  • Anti- microbial and environmentally friendly
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Asthma-friendly


Premium Enamel product with the latest grease-resistant LTA+ Technology™. 



Application Process


Firstly prepare surface 


  • Clean and dry  the surface. 
  • Mould needs to be treated with bleach and rinsed with fresh water then. 
  • All surface defects need to be filled with a suitable filler.
  • Using masking tape on wall and ceiling paints is not recommended.


Applying on new work

Apply Taubmans 3 in 1 once on surfaces such as timber,  masonry and paper faced plasterboard.


If surfaces previously painted

All flaking and loose paint need to be removed. Then sand with fine paper surfaces. Prime before paint if it is necessary. Apply Taubmans 3 in 1 to make sure surfaces are even. Undercoat surfaces which were painted before. 


Application steps

  • Check colour before use. 
  • Applying two coats using a 4mm – 6mm (nap or pile length) roller or brush is recommended. 
  • Put thin coats as a thick coat will cause runs to appear. 
  • Use a roller if a large area needs to be painted. 
  • Mix paint for 5 minutes before use
  • 30 minutes is a Drying time (touch dry)
  • After 2 hours at 25°C and  4 hours in cold or humid areas Recoat 

If temperatures below 10°C Do not paint

Covered area

Coverage depends on the surface roughness. Up to 16 m2 per litre.



Approved by Sensitive Choice


National Asthma Council Australia’s Sensitive Choice® Program approved the product. 





Indoor air quality is improved. VOC* levels lowered to 16g/1L.




Shield the surface from sweat,  cleaning agents and grease and Long lasting.




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