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Tommy Tape Grip Wrap


Tommy Tape® Grip Wrap

Self Fusing Silicone Tape


Tommy Tape® Grip Wrap is a brand new spin on the classic self-fusing silicone grip use. By adding special ridges to the original tape design, the tape transforms into an even more reliable and comfortable grip.

Use on sporting goods, tools, and other handles.




Add a non-slip, comfortable grip to any handle.
  • Tommy Tape® Grip Wrap is a self-fusing silicone tape that does not contain any adhesive, allowing you to add a comfortable grip to a handle without any sticky residue upon remove.
  • This amazing tape fuses to itself forming an air and watertight bond. Grip Wrap insulates 8,000V of electricity and resists UV, oil, salt, water, corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures.


• Adhesive Free – Has no sticky side, so it won’t leave sticky residue after removal.

• Self Fusing – Bonds to itself within seconds without adhesives and leaves no residue if removed.

• Insulates 8,000V of electricity.

• Resists UV, salt, oil, water, corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Note: Will not work if it does not wrap on itself.

  • Use it on: Automotive, Plumbing, Landscaping, Hardware, Electrical, Marine
  • A reliable non-slip grip
  • Comfortable feel during use
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Insulates 8,000 Volts per layer
  • Self Fusing
  • Resists UV, salt, oil, water & chemicals
  • Made in USA
  • Product code: TTGRIPBK