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Turbo Builder's Bog 250ml, 500ml, 1L, 2L, 4L

TURBO BUILDER'S BOG filler is a repair filler especially for builders and painters- it's like wood in a can! All you do is to mix together the two components supplied, following the instructions about the correct amounts of each.

You can vary the amount of mix and the proportion of each component to suit the job you are doing, but be sure to stay within the allowable range as written on the tin.

This then starts off a chemical reaction, which generates heat and causes the mouldable and spreadable mass to become a wood-like solid, within a short time. This time can be between 3 minutes and 20 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature and the amount of red hardener you choo se to use the higher the temperature or the more the hardener you mixed into the base filler, the quicker it will set. Furthermore, the thicker the fill or repair you make, the faster it will harden too- the opposite of conventional solvent- or water-based fillers, which take hours or even days to dry when applied thickly.

For the same reason, since there are no solvents in BUILDER'S BOG and it doesn't dry in the conventional way, there is no discernible shrinkage, unlike conventional fillers.

The timber will, off course, still expand and contract around the BUILDER'S BOG as timber moisture content varies; so good woodworking practices must be followed to accommodate this movement in the normal way. However the BUILDER'S BOG formula contains cross-linking agents to attach to the cellulose in the timber, which gives a more tenacious bond than normal adhesives, and the subsequent flexibility of the BUILDER'S BOG allows it to remain tightly knitted to the timber as it undergoes its normal expansion and contraction.

As it sets, BUILDER'S BOG passes through a stage like balsa wood, when it can be most easily trimmed with a blade or surform file. It then continues to harden and lose its tackiness until it can be rapidly sanded with 36 to 80 grit paper to its rough shape before finish sanding and painting. All within the hour if you so wish.

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SDS Turbo Builder's Bog

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