TWO FUSSY BLOKES 100mm Glass Scraper


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The first of its kind, the new Two Fussy Blokes Glass Scraper is a must-have tool for the effortless removal of dirt, paint, adhesives, and more.

With a design focused on safety and ergonomics, the Two Fussy Blokes Glass Scraper features a razor-sharp blade that rotates from the sharp edge to the safe edge, allowing you to clean glass easily and safely. The handle has been designed with a wider grip to fit the hand.

The Two Fussy Blokes Glass Scraper comes complete with one ready-to-use blade and two spare blades, conveniently stored in a compartment in the handle.

From Two Fussy Blokes: "Blade replacement is safe and simple; just hold the end of the handle, pull to reveal the spare blades, and gently lift the lever to release a new blade. Close the lever and slide the blade compartment back into place — making sure it clicks — and then carefully remove the dull used blade before replacing it with your sharp one, ensuring the locking squares are correctly fitted into the jaws."

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