TWO FUSSY BLOKES Dacron 360mm Paint Rollers 10mm Nap

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TWO FUSSY BLOKES Dacron 360mm Paint Rollers (10mm Nap)

If you love our dacron paint rollers as much as we do but need a bit of extra coverage with a finish just as stunning as our 230mm and 270mm, look no further than our bigger 360mm paint roller. Great for both interior and exterior painting, this single roller will last you what feels like a lifetime and make picking up and releasing paint easier than easier, even at a larger scale. Dacron semi-smooth rollers like this are perfect for colours that are a little trickier to paint and are also quite great for new plaster walls and wallpaper. With high-quality materials and less splatter, your paint job is bound to be done and look great in no time.


Our dacron rollers (available in 230mm (9″), 270mm (11″) and 360mm (14″) lengths) are only for use with water-based paints. With superb coverage and excellent paint release, these rollers are ideal for painting with difficult colours, as well as for use with wallboard sealers. They’ll provide you with exceptional film build on new plaster walls — and while you won’t see the exact level of finish you would with our 10mm microfibre roller, you’ll easily achieve your desired result regardless of the colour you’re working with.

Can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces.

» Keep in mind that larger rollers are heavier and more challenging to use.


  • Perfect for water-based paints only. Recommended for primers and topcoats.
  • Ideal for priming new plaster walls, textured surfaces, wallpaper.
  • Superb paint pick-up and release, superb coverage, fast paint speed.
  • NAP/Pile: 10mm | 3/8″
  • Length: 360mm | 14″
  • Core: 38mm | 1½”
  • Pack: Single and 3 Packs

Dacron 10mm Paint Rollers

Because of the structure of the fabric, our 10mm Dacron rollers perform best with acrylic paints and are not suitable for oil-based paints. 

If you’re priming your brand new plasterboard walls or you’re repainting from light paint colour to a dark colour or from dark to lighter, our Dacron is the best pick for you to achieve optimal coverage and a professional-looking finish.

Two Fussy Blokes Roller Guide (A4)

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