Uni-Pro Grippie - Rope or Bungee Fastener System GRP01

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Uni-Pro Grippie - Rope or Bungee Fastener System

  • Quickly join, secure and tighten ropes or bungees
  • No Knots needed, loop and tuck
  • Suitable for use with ropes and bungees 5mm-8mm thick
  • Secure, pull to tension
  • Spring loaded quick-lock cams
  • Use on roof racks, moving trucks, trailers and vans
  1. Push end of cord through the centre hole from the back of Grippie
  2. Push end of cord between the two spring loaded cam cleats (A) and push down though the guide slot (B)
  3. Pull cord through end guide and tesnion to suit
  4. Repeat steps 1,2 and 3 for second cord and pull securely on either end to apply necessary tension

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