Uni-Pro Traditional Linseed Oil Putty 400g/ 1.75kg/ 4.5kg


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Uni-Pro Traditional Linseed Oil Putty 400g/ 1.75kg/ 4.5kg

This is a quality linseed oil based putty suitable for wood surfaces. It is ideal for glazing timber frames, as a bedding and finishing putty, and for filling nail holes and small cracks in timber.


The surface to be puttied should be dry and clean. When reglazing, old putty should be removed to bare timber.


Knead putty thoroughly and apply to working area with a putty knife and smooth off. Putty dries slowly by exposure to air, taking up to 6 weeks to firm through, thicker putty sections dry more slowly. Allow putty a minimum of 2 weeks to firm before painting. Oil undercoat is recommended. A longer drying time is needed before painting with water based paint. Reseal unused putty.


The timber rebate to be puttied should have only ONE LIGHT COAT of oil based primer OR a light application of linseed oil. Non absorbing timbers such as Jarrah do not need priming. Heavy priming and undercoating prevents drying by stopping the normal absorbtion of putty oil into the timber frame. Allow primed surfaces to dry before puttying. Putty is not a structural medium, glass should be fixed against the frame using pins or silicon glass adhesive.

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