Abrasive sanding pads- Jost UseIt SuperPads

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Abrasive sanding pads - Jost UseIt SuperPads


Suitable to use with GIRAFFE Sander Electric AG700.

"Patented, Multifunctional, Ingenious!"

The patented, dust-free solution with maximum sanding performance.

This abrasive sanding pad will solve your sanding problems when working with many different types of material and guarantees optimum surfaces.


In contrast to ordinary sanding pads, this sanding pad is perforated across its entire surface. This allows the sanding dust that is produced to be removed by suction permanently and across the entire surface. The likewise patented Velcro-type system on the rear side of the sanding medium allows the sanding dust to be removed between the backing plate and the sanding disk, thereby significantly reducing the amount of dust at the workplace.


With its perforations the sanding pad particularly prevents clogging. This results in an up to 4 times higher sanding performance and allows a shorter sanding time and more effective working.

The sanding pad fits on all customary machines, irrespective of the different hole pattern and number of holes in the backing plates. This ensures 100 percent availability and major savings in storage costs.

  • 228mm (9") disc diametre
  • Rim free from holes minimizes scratching
  • Holes punched through reducing clogging
  • Cushioned pad for uniform sending
  • For use with most power sanders

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