Wooster 230mm Sherlock Roller Frame



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Wooster 230mm Sherlock Roller Frame


Wooster 230mm (9") Sherlock Roller Frame (R017)

These frames have our exclusive, easy-roll cage. The cage spins so smoothly, without skidding up the wall, that results are instantly more precise.

Roller slippage is prevented by a quick-release retaining spring, but it does allow for easy, one-rap removal 


  • Shank wear and gray streaks are eliminated by smooth-rolling bearings
  • The cage and endcaps are made out of durable, green, fiberglass-reinforced nylon 
  • The 5/16” (~8mm) shank is plated in chrome, and is at 90˚ angleThe frame comes only in 230mm but is guaranteed to fit 230 and 270mm roller covers (the 270mm are guaranteed not to slip off)
  • Made in the USA by the Wooster Brush Company
  • Product code: 22WR017


  • Comfortably sized polypropylene grip for all size hands
  • The bottom end comes with reinforced threads which make it suitable for all standard threaded extension poles
  • It also comes with Wooster's patented clip technology to make it compatible with the Sherlock GT convertible extension poles


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