Wooster Sherlock Wide Boy Hulk Roller Frame

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The Sherlock Wide Boy Hulk is made for big jobs. Red cam levers securely hold the frame arms in place while using 12- to 18-inch rollers. Made of rigid tubular steel, the Hulk resists pressure for excellent results on walls, floors or ceilings. The extra-strength design actually weighs less than one pound to reduce fatigue. Like all Sherlock products, the Hulk is made with advanced features and long-lasting quality that only Wooster can provide.
  • Adjusts to hold roller covers 12” to 18” long with 1 1⁄2” standard or 2 1⁄4” jumbo diameter
  • Quick cam levers unlock and securely lock the frame arms—no loose hardware
  • Rigid tubular steel frame arms, durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon body; weighs less than one pound
  • Reinforced threads, Sherlock GT® compatible

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