Zinsser Odourless Primer Sealer Stain Blocker

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When you need the stain-blocking performance of an oil-based primer - without any solvent odour - choose Rust-Oleum® Zinsser® Odourless Primer Sealer Stain Blocker. This low-VOC primer is specifically designed to seal tough stains in indoor areas where people are present. For best results, allow the primer sealer to dry for two hours before applying the next coat.


  • Seals stains from water, fire and smoke damage
  • Oil-base performance when odour is a concern
  • Non-yellowing, dries flat, sands easily
  • Use with all topcoats
  • VOC compliant sprayable formula
  • Available in sizes including a 380 ml aerosol spray, 1 litre, 3.78 litres and 10 litres.

    Further Product Information: 

    SDS Zinsser Odorless 1L

    SDS Zinsser Odorless 3.78L

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