Zinsser Ready Patch Spackling and Patching Compound


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Zinsser Ready Patch Spackling and Patching Compound

Get the strength of plaster and the workability of spackling paste with Zinsser READY PATCH Professional Formula Spackling & Patching Compound. This full-bodied product is durable enough for your most heavy-duty repairs, indoors or out. Ready Patch dries quickly and sands easily to a smooth surface that is ready for painting. Great for heavy duty repairs over drywall, plaster, wood, metal and masonry. Ready Patch'is a silica free professional filling and patching compound, it is smooth and easy to apply yet rock-hard when cured. Ready Patch combines the workability of filling paste with the strength of plaster for long-lasting, professional-looking results. It is full-bodied for heavy-duty interior / exterior repairs and dries fast outperforming vinyl filling. It can even be painted when dry to touch and is smooth and easy to apply. Ready Patch sticks to metal and is shrink resistant, it will not sag or crack like drywall mud.

Product Highlight

  • Full-bodied for heavy-duty interior/exterior repairs
  • Dries fast, cures rock hard - outperforms vinyl spackling
  • Sticks to metal - ideal for dents in metal doors and siding
  • Shrink resistant - won't sag or crack like drywall mud
  • Can be painted when dry to the touch
  • Silica Free
  • Soap and water clean up


Further Product Information: 

SDS Zinsser Ready Patch

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