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Dino-Power is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Airless paint sprayers.

Their products cover a big range from electric / petrol engine power /pneumatic airless sprayer to hydraulic driven pumps, piston pump / diaphragm pump / and also double-membrane pump, airless / air-assisted airless / air-mix airless paint spraying tools, these machines could be used for big size painting jobs such as wall / roofing / commercial painting / building project / metal steel structure / shipyard / floor painting etc. for spraying the light-duty paint , latex, enamel, acrylic, to heavy duty like epoxy, resin, elastomeric, block filler, textures, zinc-rich, putty, mud, plaster, gypsum, texture etc.

They have over 10 years experience in producing and selling paint sprayers in China, and have started the exporting over 5 years ago.

A leader in China for the airless paint sprayer products. All their products are 100% tested, one by one, and CE approved, with 1-year limited warranty. for some professional series, they offer 2-years warranty.