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Experience the next advancement in industry-leading pump durability and performance with the NEW line of Ultra XT sprayers. Make it easier to get more work done in a day with increased flow and production rates, all on the industry's most silent spraying platform.

  • XTREME TORQUE MOTOR Experience a new level of performance with the first motor ever designed specifically for airless spray and made by Graco.
  • THE SOUND OF QUALITY Advanced design eliminates multistage gear trains and reduces motor speed by 90% and noise by up to 10X.
  • RAPID-RESPONSE ™ CONTROL Delivers the world's steadiest running pressure. Dial-in 10 psi increments with the widest performance range in the industry (50-3,300 psi).
  • SELECTABLE PERFORMANCE WITH THE PUSH OF A BUTTON Low Pressure Mode: Optimized performance range to eliminate overspray and improve finish. High Pressure Mode: Offers maximum performance for extended hose lengths and difficult to atomize materials.
  • ENDURANCE VORTEX ® PISTON PUMPS WITH PROCONNECT ® Auto-rotating vortex rod balances load and prolongs pump life— proven ProConnect replacement system eliminates downtime.
  • LED DIGITAL DISPLAY Features a bright, easy-to-read LED display. See the performance from across the room!
  • TURBOCLEAN ™ Efficiently cleans 3X faster using half the fluid, significantly reducing recycling costs.
  • WATCHDOG™ PUMP PROTECTION Intelligent auto-shutoff feature activates when the sprayer runs out of paint, safeguarding the pump and maintaining consistent performance.